How do I verify an investor through accreditation?

As a GP (General Partner) in a real estate investment firm, you are in search of the next deal and investors. When you need accredited investors, Covercy has partnered with You can connect right within the Covercy Platform.

For more information on why accredited investors are important and how to track accredited investors through the Covercy platform, please feel free to read this article

To submit an accreditation request in the Covercy Platform to, simply follow the following steps.

Step 1. Click on Send Automatic Request

Accreditation request

Step 2. Approve pricing and VerifyInvestor privacy policy. pricing and privacy policy

Each connection will have a $60 charge associated with it. You need to buy credits ahead of time.


Step 3. Accreditation request is sent. 

  • There is an indication of the status of the accreditation in yellow.
  • If there is an issue and investors complain they can’t receive the request, the GP may
    copy the request (Different copy for each investor) and send it by any other method.

Accreditation request 2

Step 4. Accreditation Results

Accreditation results