How do I track accredited investors on the Covercy platform?

Accredited investors add opportunities for Real Estate General Partners. Now, you can track accredited investors on the Covercy platform.

For Real Estate Investment Managers (REIMs) and General Partners (GPs) accredited investors are important for a few reasons:

  • Accredited investors are more likely to have the financial resources to invest in real estate. The SEC defines accredited investors as individuals or entities with a net worth of $1 million or more, or an annual income of $200,000 or more for individuals, or $300,000 or more for couples filing jointly. This means that accredited investors are more likely to have the money to invest in real estate, which can be a high-cost investment.
  • Accredited investors are more likely to be sophisticated investors. The SEC requires that REIMs (Real Estate Investment Managers) provide accredited investors with more information about their investments than they are required to provide to non-accredited investors. This is because accredited investors are considered to be more sophisticated and able to understand the risks involved in real estate investing.
  • Accredited investors are more likely to be repeat investors. Once accredited investors have invested in real estate through an REIM, they are more likely to invest again in the future. This is because they have had a positive experience with the REIM and are confident in their ability to generate returns on their investments.

Accredited investors can help GPs raise the capital they need to acquire and manage real estate properties.


How do I Mark an Investing Entity as an Accredited Investor

General Partners (GPs) can now manage an Investor Accreditation log within the Covercy platform.

On the Capital Call tab when you are Fundraising for a project

1. Add Investor

2. Add From Contact List
Adding accreditation to investor contact record

Contacts - Under each investing entity when clicking “Edit”, you can include their accreditation status. 

accredited investors on investor management platform


How do I View the Accredited Investor

The status will be color-coded. This allows for the GP to know when the when the investor was accredited last and seeing a notification if 90-days has past. (Accreditation period expire in 90 days).

In case the investor is accredited the accreditation date will appear in green and no alert messages will appear. In case it has expired or never inserted, the date will appear in orange and alert notification will appear in the capital call screen.

Here is what it will look like:

Capital Call - Investor Details


warning or missing accreditation

Alert Message
alert message for investor accreditation


accredited investor on investor management platform