How do I qualify for the highest APY on accounts in the Covercy Wallet?

Real Estate investment managers can put the uninvested capital to work by opening accounts in their Covercy Wallet.

Many General Partners (GPs) of Real Estate Investment Management firms are looking to earn money on their uninvested capital.

Simply open a checking account with Covercy (learn how) and make a deposit. Interest is calculated daily and distributed monthly into your account. Unlike other high-yield accounts (e.g., savings, CDs, etc.), there is no feeno minimum deposit volume, and absolutely no time lock during which you lose liquidity. Access your funds anywhere, at any time, without penalty. The more you deposit, the more you earn. 

If you want to play with the calculator tool on our pricing page, click here. 

Check back often as interest rates change.

What a great use of uninvested capital!