Fundraising event

This article you teach you how to add investors to a fundraising or a contribution, and how you can move the investors forward from a Potential investor to Invested

You can add investors and move them forward from Potential to Invested for asset and funds in two situations:

1. When the asset/fund is in its initial fundraising stage.

2. When the asset/fund is under management, and you wish to add additional contributions.

Depending on the case, select the asset/fund that you wish to add investors to. If it's under management, after selecting it, navigate to the contributions tab, and create a contribution (or select an existing one which has a status of "In Progress").

Adding investors:

There are multiple ways in which you can select and add potential investors to the fundraising:

1.  Use our AI Ranking feature:

a. Click "Use Covercy's AI Ranking to see your investors' likelihood to invest".

b. You can start the AI Ranking process on all youyr contacts by clicking the "Rank All" button, or select only some of your contacts, and click "Rank" to rank only them.

c. Once the ranking process is complete, you will see a list of your contacts, and the assigned ranking to each one of them. 

d. You can use the filters above the table to display only contacts with Higher likelihood to invest (or any other likelihood).

e. Select the investors that you wish to add as potential investors to the fundraising, and click "Add".

AI Ranking is a premium feature. To add it to your account, please contact us.

2. Choose investors from your contact list:

a. Click Choose Contact from Your List, and a dialog will open.

b. You can filter the list using the different filter options to help you find the right ones. 

c. Select the investors you wish to add to the fundraising.

d. Click "Add"

3. Sometimes, an investor you wish to add is still not in your contacts list. You can create a new contact and add it as an investor:

a. Click "Add a new contact", and a "Create Contact" dialog will open. 

b. Fill out the contact's details on the "Contact details" tab. 

c. A contact can invest in the name of another person ("investing entity"), or even muptile others. If that's the case for that contact, you can specifiy the related investing entities in the "Investing entities" tab. You will later be able to find and edit the contact and his investing entities. 

d. When you are done setting up the new contact, click "Save".

e. If you added multiple investing entities to that contact, you will be asked which of them you  want to add as an investor to the current fundraising.

4. Covercy also supports a "Fund" structure. A fund can invest in an asset or in another fund, and if you already have a fund which raised money, and is in "Under Management" status, you can choose it from the drop-down list of funds, and it will be added as an investor.

When a fund is added as an investor, it already has a status of "Invested", and not Potential.

Fund structure is a premium feature. To add it to your account, please contact us.


Potential Investor

When you add a new investor to a fundraising, it at a status of "Potential".

These are the thing you can do on this status:

1. Fill in the estimated amount this investor is going to invest (can be changed later).

The estimated amount you fill will be reflected in the "doughnut" chart at the top of the page, and it can help you better understand the current status of your fundraising.

Tip: Since in that case the amount is only an estimate, you will notice that the percentage it fills in the chart is half of the actual percentage from the target amount.

2. Send an offering deck with a personalized message to the investor. You may need to add an offering deck to the asset / fund if you haven't already done that. 

a. Click Send Offering Deckb. Write a personal message to the investor, and click "Send".

The investor will receive an email with your personalized message, and a link to an "Investment Opportunity" page. On that page, the investor can read information about the asset, dowload the full offering deck and answer a quick question about his level of interest in that asset / fund. He can also attach a short message with his response, and you will be able to see it.

Interacting with the investor and collecting his interest level is part of the LP Engagement premium feature. To add it to your account, please contact us.

3. Once you know that the investor is interested, move him to Soft Circled status by clicking the Soft Circled status button, or the "Mark as soft circled" button at the bottom.

Soft Circled investor

When an investor is Soft-circled, you can send him an investment agreement which he will receive by email, and can digitally sign it.
You will be notified when the investor signs the agreement, and the investor will automatically be moved to the next status of Signed.
1. First make sure the soft circled amount is filled correctly.
2. To send an agreement to the investor, and have him sign it
a. Click "Upload a new agreement" (or select an existing template from the list, if you previously created one).
b. A dialog will open. You can add more files to the agreement by clicking the Upload more files button, and arrange their order by dragging them with the mouse from their left side (the six dots handle). To remove a file, hover on it with the mouse, and click the "X" button that will appear on its right side.
c. When you are done, click Next.
d. Write a personal message to your investor, and click Prepare Agreement to continue.
e. The dialog that will open will allow you to personalize the agreement, and add a place for your investor to sign. Choose an item you want to add from the left panel, and place it where you want it to appear on the document.
f. When done, click the Send or Continue button at the top right corner. An email with a link  to the agreement will be sent to your investor. After signing the agreement, your investor will be automatically moved to the next step, the Signed status. 
g. You can also move the investor manually by clicking the "Signed" button, or the "Mark agreement as signed" button. 

Signed investor

When the investor is in Signed status, it's time to send him a payment request, in order to collect the investment funds.

1. First, you can upload the signed agreement here, in case it was signed outside of Covercy.

2. In order to collect funds, a bank account must be set for this fundraising, and you will see the red warning in the image below if there is no bank account set yet.

3. To update the bank account:

a. Click "Edit Asset" at the top of the page 

b. Click to the "Bank account" tab, choose a bank account from the drop down list and click "Save Changes". If the list is empty, you should first create a bank account from the Bank Accounts page at the main navigation bar at the top of the page.  

4. Click "Send Payment Request"

5. The last step before the payment request is sent allows you to write a personal message to the investor, add a reference memo that will help you later identify the payment, and optionally attach some files to the request.

6. Click "Save", and the payment request will be sent to the investor by email.

7. You can follow the status of the payment on the Timeline. When it's complete, the investor will automatically be moved to Invested status.

8. If the Funds have been received outside of Covercy, click on “Mark as invested”, or on the "Invested" status button, to take them to the next step.