How do I fundraise with Capital Calls on Covercy GP?

In this article you will learn how to fundraise with a new asset. You will be able to track level of investor interest in an asset, issue a Capital Call and process the funds.

For more detail, a video is also available. 


On the asset tab on Covercy GP, click start Fundraising for a New Asset.

start fundraising for a new asset in your property portfolio

Build your asset following the step-by-step forms to gather information. 

how to create an asset during fundraising

Add investors to the asset. You can add from your existing contact list or create a new contact. 

how to add investors to your asset during fundraising

Send the prospectus deck and track the investor's interest level in investing in the project. 

manage investor interest level during undraising

Record notes and move the investors through the process.

record notes as investors move through the fundraising process

Keep track of your fundraising efforts throughout the process.

manage your fundraising efforts

After investor agrees to the investment, have them sign the documents and store them on the Covercy GP Platform as a system of record.

sign and manage documents during fundraising

Have your investor sign the agreement.


Issue the Capital Call with one-click. 

issue capital call for fundraising

This is what the next step in the Capital Call process looks like. 

issue a capital call

 A pop-up window will appear.

Issue a capital call pop-up

Your Capital Call is being processed. You can watch and manage from your dashboard on Covercy GP.

Track Capital Calls with Covercy Real Estate Investment Management

The investor (LP - Limited Partner) completes the transaction through the Investor Portal. The funds will move into your GP bank account.