How do I start fundraising for a new asset on the Covercy GP Platform?

This article will teach you how you can create a new asset and start fundraising for it.

  1. Navigate to the Assets page on the main navigation bar, and click the Start Fundraising for a new Asset to create a new asset for fundraising
  2. The Create an asset wizard contains 4 steps. Each of the steps is responsible for a different aspect of the asset and the fundraising you are about to create.  You can navigate to a previous step by clicking it's name, and you can move to the next step by clicking the "Next" button at the bottom of each step. Notice that some of the selections you make may affect details which are collected later, on the next steps. steps on how to create an asset in investment management software
  3. On the first step ("Asset Information"), fill in the general details about the asset and the fundraising. This includes the fundraising amount you are targeting, the currency in which you will receive the investors funds, and the type of the investment (Core, Value-Add, Opportunistic etc.).
  4. On the second step ("Investment Details"), fill some more details about the investment, such as the projected performance, loan information etc. These fields are optional. 
  5. On the third step ("Marketing Material"), you can add some images of the asset. These images will be visible to the investors in their investors portal. You can also add a marketing deck, which you will later be able to send to potential investors.add photos and an offering deck to your investment management platform
  6. On the last step ("Bank account"), you can set a bank account to which the funds will be deposited by the investors. If you didn't already create a bank account, you can do it here by clicking the "Add new" button. You can also set the asset as "Down". That means your investors will not receive any notifications about this asset, and it will not appear in their investors portal until you set it back as "Up". This is useful if you are going to work on this asset and edit it, and you don't want your investors to see it until you are done. explanation on how you can take your asset down
  7. Click Create asset to finish.
  8. Your new asset was created, and you will be taken to the new asset's page, where you can start the fundraising event.