How to import contacts and investing entities

  1. Select "Contacts" from the top navigation in your Covercy account to import contacts and investing entities.howto-import-contacts-1
  2. In the dropdown “Actions” menu select “Import”howto-import-contacts-2
  3. Download the “Contacts Import” template to your computer and fill in contact details and investing entities in the excel table.
    We support xlsx.format.howto-import-contacts-3
  4. Upload the file by clicking on the Upload and the Import button.howto-import-contacts-4
  5. In case of missing or incorrect data, you will receive an error message about what to correct in the document. 
  6. Upload the corrected document.
  7. When all information is correct the list can be imported by clicking on the Import button.howto-import-contacts-5
  8. Your contacts will be now in “Contacts” and can be edited from there.
  9. Continue your journey with Covercy by “Creating an Asset”.