How do I add a debit card to my asset/property?

Learn how to add a debit card to an individual asset. Manage your properties/assets with the convenience of a debit card tracking all expenses to that property/asset. All in one platform, you can manage your investments and payments.

Debit cards are a great tool.  If you are looking for a way to manage your business expenses within a property or asset, a debit card is a great option. Debit cards offer a number of benefits for Real Estate Investment General Partners (GPs) that can help you save money, track your spending, and improve your cash flow.

  • Convenience: Debit cards can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards, making it easy to make purchases both online and in person. Your debit card from Covercy can now be used in-person as well with both Apple Pay and Google Pay. 
  • Security: Debit cards offer the same fraud protection as credit cards, so you can be confident that your money is safe.
  • Control: Debit cards can be linked to your asset checking account, giving you the ability to set spending limits and track expenses.

Each Debit card in your Covercy account can issue up to 3 cards, with the following limits:

debit card limits

Steps to add your debit card to your asset:

On the right panel of the bank account screen you will see 2 tabs.

  • Documents - Includes Monthly Statements and Verification Letter(s).
  • Cards - Which shows the all cards related to this bank account.
  1. Click on “Add New Card” to issue the first card.

Add a new debit card to you Covercy checking account per asset


2. Fill the card issuing form.

debit card issuing form


3. Once the card is created it will appear on the right panel
The card is immediately activated - no need for activation procedures.

debit card transactions in Covercy Wallet


4. To view the card details click “Reveal Details” and insert the OTP verification. 

phone verification step in debit card process


 5. To view card transactions click “Transactions”, this will

  • Add the cards last 4 digits to the search field on the left
  • To stop seeing card’s transactions, empty this field

track debit card transactions by real estate asset/property