Are there discounts on the Covercy Investment Management Platform?

Covercy, the first banking-embedded real estate investment management platform gives discounts on the Standard and Pro packages based on deposit balances in your Covercy FDIC Wallet. Learn how to get the highest discount.

The discounts for the Standard and Pro packages on the Covercy Investment Management Platform are based on the amount deposited in a checking account in the Covercy Wallet. 

To play with different scenarios, check out the pricing tool on the Covercy pricing page

The more cash you deposit into a Covercy account, the greater the discount you will receive.  Some Covercy users keep enough cash in the Covercy wallet that they actually earn more in deposit revenue each month than they spend to use our software, resulting in a net profit.

Interest on the Covercy account is calculated daily and distributed monthly into your account. Unlike other high-yield accounts (e.g., savings, CDs, etc.), there is no feeno minimum deposit volume, and absolutely no time lock during which you lose liquidity. Access your funds anywhere, at any time, without penalty. Remember, the more you deposit, the more you earn. What a great use of uninvested capital!

The current highest discount is 60% off.